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One of the greatest assets that anyone can have while working online is a reliable hosting service. This might be considered more as your customer relations as well as your workforce. While you might have a great website layout, having an unreliable hosting service would mean that you do disappoint your clients over and over again. Hostgator has been in the hosting business for quite some time and has built a name for itself as among the best there is when it comes to hosting. Its fame has been largely attributed to the features that they have to offer which are not only efficient but equally offer a lot of flexibility to their clientele. Here are the features that have been largely attributed to their success. 


One of the features of Hostgator that have seen them grow by leaps and bounds is the amount of bandwidth that they assign to their clients. Their lowest subscription which is the hatchling allocates about 3Gbits of bandwidth. This translates to about 300,000 page hits in a month and it is more than any average page would require. However, it is better to be on the safe side since you never know when your turning point will come. Other bandwidth options that are available with Hostgator include the Babycroc plan that offers up to 6Gbits of bandwidth which is the more popular and on the first of every month, your bandwidth limit resets back to zero so you are able to start a fresh. 


The domains that Hostgator allows the user depends on the plan that they are using. Under the hatchling plan, the user is only able to get one domain name per account and on the Babycroc plan, the user is able to get as much as possible with unlimited domain names. While you may not need as many, it makes easy to manage the multiple domains under one account which is more advantageous. The hosting service also allows for use of subdomains.


Ideally not a lot of hosting services will offer you the option of backing up your data and website information which can be quite tedious. On the control Panel, of Hostgator, you are able to select instant backup for the full cPanel account after which you are provided with a download link for your backup. This is vital in the event that the unexpected happens and you need to restore your accounts and even your servers. It makes the restoration process much easier. 


This is a vital tool when it comes to developing and debugging files and this is comes with every Hostgator. However, this is not automatic and you have to request for it since not all people might have use for it. 

24/7 customer support. 

While this might not be a feature as such, it is an aspect that most hosting services do not honor entirely. The larger problem in this case is that this is a very sensitive field and when a problem arises, it is vital to make sure that it is addressed as quickly as possible. Not only does Hostgator offer 24/7 customer support but there are a variety of different ways to reach them which makes this much easier and more efficient. 

When looking for a hosting service, you want one that will give you the most value for money and with Hostgator increased uptime and a deep list of features, they have virtually everything that you would need to experience success on the internet.


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